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The MOOving Store

How We Became LegenDAIRY

The MOOving Consignment Store began in 2008 when the MOOving Company was in need to sell a single customer's items. And it took off and has grown from there!

The MOOving Company began in Montrose, CO in 2005 when long time business owners in the moving business (and husband and wife), Dawn and David White, ventured out to begin a local moving company which the Western Slope was in need of. With nearly 30 years in the business each, the MOOving Company began with excitement and has had continuous growth through the years, providing the Western Slope with amazing service and the best of prices. Moving people in state, nation wide and even internationally the MOOving Company has grown in the success over the years and has passed that on to The MOOving Store!

When The MOOving Company was asked to sell a single customer's items (which filled an entire farmhouse), they began to offer the opportunity to all of their clients that they, too, could have their items sold. So many people when moving are looking to downsize, change their decor or just to make a little extra money, and the MOOving Company has given them the opportunity to do so!

What started out in a small country home that belonged to the family on the South end of town has grown to a business with over 10,000 square feet of amazing deals and steals. The MOOving Store is focused on offering customers fair prices for all their needs while equally taking care of their consignors!

Both Dawn and David White are prestigious business individuals of the local community and beyond! David White, was regional general manager of Bekins Moving and Storage Company in Colorado Springs for 7 years. As well, he was once city councilman of both Colorado Springs and Montrose and Mayor of the city of Montrose, he is currently serving his second term as Montrose County Commissioner for District 3. Even with his deep drive and continuous dedication to the Western Slope, he makes sure has time to devote to his companies and the customers that make these companies incredible!

Dawn White has an equally distinguished career behind her! With currently over 40 years in the moving business, which included Bekins Moving and Storage where she was named Corporate Sales Person of the year from 1987-1991. When a new dream evolved and new goals for her future were discovered she set out to begin her own company with husband David White, Future Moves of America. The company flourished since 1995 but closed its doors in 2014 because the MOOving Company and Store was growing so fast (and still is!). In the year 2013 Dawn was acclaimed National Business Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women. Each of these amazing ambitions have been acquired by both Dawn and David all the while raising six children and they now play the role of loving grandparents to another nine.

We appreciate all of our continuous customers over the years and look forward to meeting the new ones for years to come! Thank you to the Western Slope community and beyond, and it's due to you that we are UDDERLY the best!

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