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These are the armoires we currently have for sale. Please understand that we get in new things every day and so not all of our items will be seen here. Looking for a specific item? Come and see us! We look forward to serving you.

* WANT TO OWN NARNIA? Here it is! Large Wardrobe (antiques)

  • $2,100.00
  • Want to own Narnia? Now you can! Minus the fairy tale land that may come with the novel (perhaps, you never know it just hasn't worked for us yet... and believe me, we've tried). It's an Art Deco Marquetry and mahogany armoire. The two tiered cornice with an inset bronze floral freize flanked by bronze mounted light sockets. An abo mirrored door flanked by two marquetry doors with inset bronze plaques depicting cherubs raised on studded block feet.
  • Measures: 8 feet 4 inches tall, 7 feet one inches wide and 25 inches deep.
  • 0098

* Funky Corner Clothing Armoir Custom Cabinet (misc)
  • $1,200.00
  • Blue with purple mountains majesty. Custom made with leather tassels, tons of storage and a unique look.
  • Measures: 42" long, 27" deep and 95" tall.
  • 0557

* Vintage German Bellman Shrunk
  • $397.50
  • This piece from the 60's or 70's is completely nostalgic from its slag glass to the style.
  • Measures: 97" long, 17" deep and 61" tall.
  • 0512


* Custom Hand Crafted Rosewood Bar Armoire Cabinet
  • $1360.00
  • THIS PIECE! *Longing sigh* Classy with a Modern Gothic design. Look at the craftsmanship and their attention to details! Etched with wrought iron and looks like a chest but, SURPRISE! It opens up to be a bar!!! Hang your glasses, hide your dainty items behind this masterpiece of furniture. Yes, I say it again, "*Longing *sigh."
  • Measures: Table - 35" long with both leaves, 19" deep and 69" tall.
  • 0741

* Oak Clothing Armoire by Vaughan-Basset
  • $384.00
  • This armoire is simple and functional! Would match most decor with lots of storage!
  • Measures: 44" long, 22" deep and 74" tall.
  • 0701

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