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Amazing GRAZE, how sweet the deals!

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These are the dressers / vanities / chest of drawers we currently have for sale. Please understand that we get in new things every day and so not all of our items will be seen here. Looking for a specific item? Come and see us! We look forward to serving you.

* Ornate Small Dresser (end table)

  • $396.00
  • Three drawer dresser with mirror, circa early 1900's.
  • Measures: 48" long, 28" deep and 32" tall.
  • 0559

* Solid Oak Dresser with Mirror
  • $840.00
  • Solid oak triple dresser with mirror is a great, large piece.
  • Measures: 69" long, 21" deep and 36" tall without mirror.
  • 0648

* Vintage Triple Dresser
  • $176.40
  • Great vintage pieces that are clean and affordable!
  • Measures: 64" long, 19" deep and 32" tall.
  • 0254

* Mission Deluxe Ten Drawer Large Mule Dresser
  • $840.00
  • Do you need space? I mean, A LOT of space? This is it for you! This large dresser will allow you to hold many articles of clothing, so shop on for more clothing articles to fill this beauty!
  • Measures: 65" long, 18" deep and 37" tall.
  • 0741

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